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Euchre tournament an unexpected success

The Michigan Tech chapter of the American Chemical Society (ACS) was worried that not many people would show up for their fundraiser, especially considering they had to cancel part of it due to technical difficulties.

However, enough people came to justify a waiting list.

The fundraiser, a Euchre tournament held last Friday night in the Wadsworth Annex, was a wild success for ACS.

The fundraiser was actually meant to be two tournaments: a Euchre tournament, and a “League of Legends” tournament. However, due to what the organizers described as “technical difficulties,” the “League of Legends” tournament was cancelled.

Thanks to the upcoming Winter Carnival, the power boxes that would needed for the computers in the “League of Legends” tournament were mostly checked out by fraternities and student organizations working on snow statues.

To make up for the cancelled event, video game consoles were hooked up to the TVs in the annex for people to play. This proved to be a wise choice, as more people signed up to play Euchre than there were tables set up; the consoles gave teams something to do while waiting for tables to become available.

Although the ACS had a game night fundraiser last year, it was not nearly as popular or successful explained ACS member Audra Winter. The group was completely taken by surprise at the number of people that showed up to play, and Winter said they hope to have their “Leauge of Legends” tournament later in the year, when the power boxes will presumably be more available.

There were a number of prizes available including a box of truffles, gift cards to Orbit and a Michigan Tech sweatshirt. Some of the prizes were set aside for the winner of the tournament, but most were given away raffle-style. All paying entrants received a ticket for their entry, and for each round a team survived in the single-elimination tournament they received another ticket. Tickets could also be purchased directly.

In the end, about twenty teams signed up to play in the tournament. Also, five or six people came just to play video games and hang out.

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