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Career Fair caters to engineers

The Spring 2013 Career Fair was held on a blustery Tuesday, Feb 19. A total of 229 companies had registered for the event, which was held in the SDC multipurpose room from 12-6 p.m.


A representative from Innotec speaks to students about career opportunities. Photo by Pamela Landrum

Overall, 203 out of the 229 companies ventured through the blizzard, in search of Michigan Tech students for positions in their companies. Nearly 2,000 interviews were conducted in the days after the career fair.

Students were able to prepare for the Career Fair by searching for companies seeking students from their major on the Career Services website. While browsing the website, students sometimes found that there were not many employers seeking their major.

Some companies refuse to look into hiring students from majors other than engineering. Career Services’ employees push these companies to consider students from majors outside of what they normally look for. After three years of persistent persuading, Integrys Energy Group decided to offer internship opportunities to students outside of the majors that they normally look for, said Jim Turnquist, director of Career Services.

Some majors, such as Mechanical Engineering, had 150 different companies offering possible internships, co-ops and full-time positions. “There were a lot of companies for ME. There were ridiculously long lines. I waited an hour and a half to talk to one company,” said Jacob Demarais, second year Mechanical Engineering major.

Chemical engineering was another major with a high number of companies available. A total of 60 employers were seeking chemical engineering majors. “There were enough companies for my field, although some didn’t show because of the weather. I think as a whole the Career Fair is mostly geared toward engineering,” said Erik Parson, third year Chemical Engineering major.

Non-engineering majors were often offered only 13 potential employers to choose from including the U.S Army, Michigan Tech graduate school and Auto-Owners Insurance.

Jenan Makled, a second year Mathematics major said, “I feel like the career fair is focused around engineering majors, but there are some opportunities [for non-engineers], you just have to do the research.”

There were some engineering majors that had less companies seeking them, including Civil Engineering and Materials Science Engineering. Emily Blaney, second year Civil Engineering major, said that she spoke with about 12 companies.

“It seems that not as many companies are looking for Law and Society majors. If there were more companies for my major, I would be more likely to go,” said Molly Knappenberger, second year Social Science major.

With the overall feeling of stress that comes with the competitive job market outlook, students have expressed both praise and woe regarding the list of companies attending the Career Fair each year, depending on their area of study.

Career Services is available to help students. Even though companies do not list a specific major under the list of what they are seeking, this does not mean they won’t hire a student from another major. With enough preparation and determination, students may find there are more opportunities available to land a job.  “Remember to be positive and get help, we have good people here to help,” said Turnquist.

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