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New video scoreboard approved

JBaumannConsulting and Nicole Iutzi

On Thursday Feb. 28 the Michigan Tech Board of Control discussed and approved the purchase of a $615,000 video scoreboard for the John MacInnes Student Ice Arena.

Funding for the scoreboard came exclusively from private donors. Significant contributions came from Venus and John Rockwell, Jolayne and Dan Farrell and Ruanne and John Opie, all alumni. Many other donors made contributions for the implementation of the project.

A video rendering of the new scoreboard for the Macinnes Student Ice Arena. Photo courtesy of Michigan Tech Athletics

A video rendering of the new scoreboard for the Macinnes Student Ice Arena. Photo courtesy of Michigan Tech Athletics

Mitsubishi Electric DiamondVision is building the custom video scoreboard for the ice arena. Other projects built by the company include the display at Texas Stadium, home to the Dallas Cowboys. A tech alumnus Mark Rakoski, executive director for Mitsubishi Electric, was instrumental in the project’s implementation.

Completion of the scoreboard is scheduled for the end of summer, with work starting immediately. The scoreboard will be 15 feet high by 14 feet wide; the four-sided board will be much larger than the current score display.  Each side of the scoreboard will contain a video display screen, along with a score display, and other game updates and information.

To accompany the scoreboard a production room containing the video equipment will be constructed. Changes will also be made to the press box to accommodate the new technology of the scoreboard.

Addition of the new scoreboard is just one of the improvements that has been implemented in the ice arena in recent years. The seats and floors were refinished in 2006 and in 2009 the Ruanne and John Opie Suites were built. More recently, in 2012, a new ice plant was installed.

The new scoreboard will make the MacInnes Student Ice Arena a technologically updated arena for students, players and hockey fans, allowing them to see replays and other game highlights of our Huskies.

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