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Color of Sound Review

Writer Name: Aric Rhodes

Word Count: 454

Section Title: Pulse

Suggested story title: The Beautiful Color of Sound

Suggested pull quote: The performance was simply unfathomably beautiful at its core, and it was a pleasure to hear.

There come rare moments where words can fail to describe something. Things which show flaws in our language to express enough beauty. These moments do not come often, but when they do they are memorable. The Keweenaw Symphony Orchestra brought a moment like this with its performance, “The Color of Sound.” The music was well selected and played; it was truly an experience.

Three tenets of a good musical performance are blend, balance and beauty; the Keweenaw Symphony Orchestra demonstrated all of these in spades. There was no particular player in any section of the symphony which stood above the others of the section except where this was obviously intended. Instead there was a blended larger sound. The entire symphony was obviously well rehearsed, and it demonstrated a remarkable balance between sections.

There was not any time where the symphony seemed out of touch, whether between sections or players. Combined with the considerable skill of the performers, this created an unbelievable and moving beauty in the playing; pieces were played which brought some in the audience to tears with the emotion behind them.

All of this is not to say, of course, that the symphony was flawless. Though there were hardly any mistakes in the performance itself throughout, there was some room for improvement. The primary place that the symphony could improve would be in uniform and stage presence. As the symphony waited on stage to begin, several problems could be seen in the uniformity of the dress with a couple of members. While these errors were more than made up for with the performance itself, it seems that a greater amount of communication could assure that all of the performers look as good as they would play. This would go a long way toward improving the stage presence.

The performance could also be aided by changing the background lights to better fit the mood of the piece instead of changing them seemingly at random. It must be noted that both of these flaws are nitpicks, and that is because there was little else to complain about.

The performance which was given by the Keweenaw Symphony Orchestra was nothing short of phenomenal. The few ways that it could have been improved are in the smallest of details. In all, the symphony practiced hard for a long time, and it is a pleasure that they were able to share the results of their hard labor with the audience. When one has significant experience with classical music, one is often moved less easily by it. Despite this, the Keweenaw Symphony Orchestra’s performance brought even this seasoned band veteran to tears. The performance was simply unfathomably beautiful at its core, and it was a pleasure to hear.

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