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Great Lakes showcase preview

The last friday in February will mark the beginning of the sixth Great Lakes Showcase. This event will have art from all around the Great Lakes region, with prizes being offered to the best of the show. Some work will be for sale, and all of it will be worth seeing.

The Great Lakes Showcase is an excellent demonstration of the artistic talent of a rather unappreciated region; many artists throughout the Great Lakes region do not receive nearly enough recognition for their talent. While this is an unfortunate truth of the world of art, it is nice to see Michigan Technological University doing what it can to bring these fine artists to light.

Art will be placed in an open and free exhibit in the Rozsa Center lobby for one month starting with an opening ceremony on the twenty-eighth of February. The showcase includes paintings, drawings, pictures, collages, ceramics, textiles and wood works. Those interested may simply go into the Rozsa Center lobby at any time from eight in the morning to eight in the evening, during which the exhibits will be open.

All art will be judged by a jury over the duration of the showcase, with separate best-in-show categories for two and three dimensional art. Winners will be announced with the end of the showcase, in late March. Regardless of the winner, the effort put in will be assuredly staggering.

Those who wish to have further interaction with the artists of the fantastic pieces which will be on display need only look to the volunteers, all of whom will be taken from the pool of the participating artists. This chance to converse with the ones who are responsible for the feats of creativity on display is a rare opportunity which should not be ignored.

Michigan Technological University is not known for its participation in the arts. Indeed, many students may not have set foot in the Rozsa outside of required events. Despite this, due to the lack of an entrance fee and the vast open hours, there is little reason not to go to the Great Lakes Showcase, if only for a look around. The Great Lakes Showcase is certainly shaping up to be a fantastic display of artistic achievement, one which any student may enjoy.

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